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Which stops or routes present the highest pass-by or safety risk?  Is there adequate lighting?  Are there obstructions (signs, foliage)?  Is it an inbound or outbound route?  Is there pass-by history?  Often drivers are a good resource to decide where to install Bus Stoppers®.  They know their routes and know which stops are difficult.

Install Bus Stoppers®
Installation is very simple (about 2 minutes).  Printed instructions ship with your order.  The installation video is on the website under ‘Videos’.

Train Drivers
Drivers are the key to successful implementation of Bus Stoppers®.  Drivers are trained easily with a training video available on the website.

Educate Passengers
Passengers cannot see the Bus Stopper® working because it is reflective.  It is critical to educate passengers about the Bus Stopper®.  Training passengers is simple with a few tools.  A QR code on the Bus Stopper® directs passengers with a smartphone to an animated video.  Drivers can give passengers a customized pass-along card to train passengers that may not be using the Bus Stopper®.  Additional material is available for inside the bus.

The pass along card available to passengers on the bus solicits feedback.  With your personalized keyword, comments and suggestions get sent directly back to your transit system.  You are able to make an informed evaluation almost immediately after implementing the Bus Stopper®.