Product Info

It’s the Easiest & Safest Way to Stop a Bus at Night

The Bus Stopper® is the most simple and economical solution to improving safety at the bus stop. The Bus Stopper® uses the headlights from the approaching bug to reflect a signal to the bus driver. When a person moves the handle up and down a flashing pattern is communicated to the driver so the driver knows a passenger is waiting. That flashing can be seen up to 1/4 mile away – long before a person is seen. The Bus Stopper® will create a unified signal throughout your system improving safety and customer satisfaction.

Eliminate Pass-bys and Reduce Complaints Passengers are easily seen in the dark increasing their satisfaction and confidence.

Increase Safety for Passengers Passengers no longer need to create dangerous conditions by waving their arms, jumping out or waving a cell phone to be seen.

Increase Safety for Drivers and Traffic Drivers have time to manuever through traffic safely and bring the bus to a stop slowly eliminating hard braking. Drivers can concentrate on their driving rather than trying to see if a passenger is waiting.

The Bus Stopper®:
• is economical. The simple, but effective low-tech design makes the Bus Stopper® practical for any transit agency.
• installs easily. Installs within two minutes. An installation video is on the video page.
• requires little to no maintenance. The Bus Stopper® uses no electricity, solar power or batteries. No electrical infrastructure to stops. No brushing snow off solar collectors. No constantly replacing batteries.
• is heavy duty. The Bus Stopper® unit is very sturdy standing up to harsh weather.
is ADA compliant. When installed 30-36″ from the ground the Bus Stopper® is accessible to all passengers.
is manufactured in the United States.