What industry professionals are saying about the Bus Stopper®:

Bus Driver

Wonderful, and as passengers get used to it, it will be a great asset to our transit authority.”

Scott Bushnell, Bus Operator for 37 years


“I think this is a great tool/device. It works great, is easy to spot passengers, and should be at all stops. I love ‘em.”

Jo Davis, Bus Operator for 20 years

“My first experience with it . . . I was driving early in the morning down a dark road. The device attracted my attention about 1/4 mile away. I was not familiar with the device yet. As I got closer, I noted the passenger using it and thought, ‘What a great idea.’ I think they are needed.”

Kevin Moore, Bus Operator for 3 years

“I have witnessed the Bus Stopper® in use at night and am thoroughly convinced this is the
greatest bus safety device for use outside of a bus. It prevents nighttime pass-bys. It
ensures the safety of passengers due to the movement of the reflected light. The Bus
Stopper® is unparalleled in attracting the bus driver’s attention . . . I know of no finer
invention that has been created for the transit industry. Its simplicity and effectiveness is
pure genius. I wholly support the Bus Stopper® and sincerely believe that it should be
placed on every bus stop worldwide — in every transit system.”

John Sorge, Supervisor for 4 years